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Fr is the short-form of Fouzia Ramzan. Fouzia Ramzan is the owner of Fr beauty parlor and fr salon.

A beauty salon or beauty parlor is an establishment that deals with cosmetic treatments for men and women.

The difference between a beauty salon and a beauty parlor is that a beauty salon is a well-designed place in a private space, usually with more features than a beauty parlor.

In general, beauty parlors focus on special treatments or beauty features such as styling for men, women, or both. Also, a beauty parlor is a smaller and more socially friendly place that is usually located at the owner’s home.

In some cases, the boss is not only the boss. but also the sole worker, not other staff members.
Fouzia Ramzan is also a beast beautician of Pakistan. She is named one of the most prominent makeup artists in Pakistan.

Fouzia Ramzan is walking her beauty parlor and salon named FR Beauty parlor and fr Salon in Pakistan.
Fouzia Ramzan has the potential to provide a modern and flexible appearance. Fouzia Ramzan has been running her beauty parlor and salon due to the fact year 2017 with professionalism.

Fr beauty parlor and Salon is now one every of the biggest beauty salons in Pakistan. which has executed so many makeovers of celebrities also.
Fouzia Ramzan is now turning into the top cosmetics craftswoman who is situated in Pakistan. He has magic in his grip to change his face.


Makeup artist-Hairstylist-Nail expert-Massage therapist-Esthetician

makeup artist

The title for somebody who is prepared for styling hair and applying cosmetics is a beautician. While hair specialists center just around hair, and cosmetics craftsmen center just around cosmetics, beauticians are likewise prepared to investigate skin including the scalp.

hair specialist

Prior to dealing with a customer, a beautician dissects her hair, suggests a style or treatment, and may likewise give guidelines

Give hairstyle and blow-dry administrations, keratin smoothing, formal styles for occasions, and some other administrations

Interlace and weave hair, Provide blanch, color, and hair coloring administrations

nail expert

A nail expert is a stunner expert who is liable for the preparation and presence of a customer’s fingernails and toenails. The person gives nail treatments, pedicures, nail forming, fingernail skin preparing, callus evacuation, manufactured nail medicines, and utilization of nail clean for their customers.

massage therapist

A massage therapist is one who treats clients using touch to connect the soft-tissue muscles of the body.

Through their contact, massage therapists relieve pain, heal wounds, reduce stress, increase relaxation and help their clients’ general well-being.


An esthetician offers types of assistance zeroed in on skincare including, yet not restricted to, skin medicines, facials, cosmetics application, and hair evacuation.

We are work in Waxing just as an antiquated strategy known as Threading. The new smoother you are here with our Epilfree, the new age of hair evacuation that joins the effortlessness of utilization with uncommon outcomes.

The administration is our business, flawlessness is our objective, and fulfillment is our assurance

In today’s world, fashion is not limited to celebrities or page 3 gluttony. These days, anyone with a sense of style and ‘what looks good’ has the choice
A pattern that has truly gotten up to speed is wearing the vibe of your number one big name. Notwithstanding, you can’t actually finish a couple without amazing cosmetics.

The catch is the look of your favorite celebrity. However, you can’t really complete a pair without perfect makeup.

Every celebrity has a favorite make-up artist who relies on them, whether it’s for a photoshoot or for a celebrity.

It is safe to say that most of these celebrities do not have the radiance and beauty that they admire if they were not the best make-up artists. The deal with and internet site of Fouzia Ramzan’s https://fr-salon.com/